Need a T-shirt?


We were so excited when some friends of ours designed a t-shirt to help raise money for their mission organization in Myanmar.  We love what they are doing in Myanmar and we love supporting them.  Some of my children hope to serve and minister in Myanmar some day.  Although the t-shirt is speaking  of THE Lion- our God!  We also thought it was a fun representation of Charlie (our lion-heart) moving home and getting better.  SO to support mission Myanmar and to celebrate God’s faithfulness towards Charlie and his homecoming we got one for each person in our family.  We will wear them the day Charlie comes home (July 18th).  If you would like to help us celebrate God’s faithfulness and support a really great mission in Myanmar, you can order them on Amazon.  The link is below:

imageHow can you resist?  If you like, you can even mimick this fashion statement with one white and one red sock!

David is also organizing a run/walk race to raise money for mission Myanmar.  The race is JULY 30th at 8:15 am in Elizabeth, CO.  This race will help raise support to provide the four M’s in Myanmar: Mercy, Meals, Music, and Medicine.  To sign up to run or to sponsor a runner go to  If you would like to volunteer to help with the race or have any questions, email David at


2 thoughts on “Need a T-shirt?

  1. What an Amazing family you are always serving despite difficulties. We are so excited for Charlie to come home July 18th. We will continue to pray for him and missions. Absolutely love the shirts and what they represent. God Bless


  2. Our family has been reading this blog and praying for Charlie for a while. We are also doing the Miles 4 Myanmar run, only in Australia! We heard about Mission to Myanmar at Nebraska Family Camp 2014 and have been involved since, and this is the most fun way, hey! I just updated the family that Charlie will be home soon and we are all so happy for you! God bless, Jade


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