Praise God

Thank you to all you faithful prayer warriors!  Our gracious father has heard…Charlie’s fever broke a couple hours ago and he woke up chipper, smiling, wanting to play, and comfortable.  We gave him a bath and did all of his night time cares- just drifted off into peaceful sleep.  Praise Jesus!

These fevers are of very serious concern for Charlie until we can take out his central line.  A fever can (worst case) indicate a central line infection or bloodstream infection that can be devastating quickly.  SO…please pray for Charlie’s small intestine to heal and receive food so that we can remove his line.

One thought on “Praise God

  1. Yes Lord, praying in agreement with the Fines for complete healing that would make Charlie’s central line unnecessary. Please bring to this precious little boy resistance to infection. We with joy anticipate his homecoming, thankful for this sweet and courageous family who have been the best example I have ever seen of a family pulling together in the Lord refusing to be defeated by a “giant.”
    Continuing to pray Charlie’s healing and health❤️🙏🏻


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