Prayer for Charlie

imageshort post due to my one fingered typing from phone option(:  I am snuggling Charlie as he sleeps.  He spiked a fever last night and we have been prayerfully and carefully considering the best course of action.  He has two big infection risk factors:  central line and trach. The infection is presenting as if he has an infection in his airway which is easy to treat.  Please pray that it isn’t a line infection and that he feels better quickly.  Also the standing prayer request for his small intestine to heal remains.  We can’t lose the central line until his small intestine heals.  He is such a trooper, so sweet and snuggly.  God is so faithful and continues to give wisdom, strength and hope.  Just when I think I have nothing left, He pours out more grace, more courage, and more strength.  He is so amazing!

Still aiming at a Tuesday discharge as long as he is stable with this infection.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Charlie

  1. On pins and needles for Charlie’s home coming!! So glad Charlie is feeling better! We continue to pray for Charlie and all your family in all these things. Our Lord is and has been so faithful in upholding you all through this trial! Joy comes in the morning! Great is His faithfulness!!


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