Charlie has been in the hospital for 322 days!  BUT…tomorrow (Wed. 7/27) Charlie will get in his car seat, go for a ride, and arrive at a home!  HOME!!!  A place Charlie has not been since he was 6 days old.  We are elated, so excited to bring him home and integrate this little treasure into our family life at home.  Last night’s FaceTime with the family was SO precious.  Charlie LOVES his family and lights up as they talk to him, sing to him, and just converse as a family.  Thank you Lord for FaceTime!

Thank you for ALL of your prayers, the meals, the love, the support, the laundry washing, the outpouring of your care upon us is simply unbelievable!  We love you all and may God richly bless you for your sacrifices “unto the least of these.”

3 thoughts on “DAY 322…DISCHARGE!

  1. Dear Debbie, Bob and Children, My small, faithful circle of prayer warriors and I rejoice with you and all rejoicing both here and in the heavenlies for Charlie’s discharge! God bless you all–we will continue to pray for the transition at home and continuing improved health for your precious little boy!! With joyful tears, lots of love and hugs, Susan, Charcie, Lynne, Tonnie, and Yoli

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  2. We are rejoicing with you all! We pray Charlie’s homecoming will be sweet, and that his bumpy road will be smooth from here on out!
    Praise God for His goodness and mercy with this one.


  3. We are praising God for His goodness! Little Charlie is coming home at last!!!! We did not see your post until today (the day of his discharge), how wonderful it is to think that he might be in his OWN home with his OWN family right now! Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for the Fine family and for strong little Charlie.


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