Little Enid (life, soul) Hosanna (praise, adoration to the Father, joy) displays our feelings about having Charlie home with his family again!  Oh to be all together again is an overwhelming joy.  We praise God for His faithfulness to us in this journey.


Daddy and Enid were practicing trach care on the dolly the hospital gave to us.  Daddy is AMAZING.  God has given daddy, Bob, such a strength, a fight, and tremendous faith that has challenged and encouraged me along this path.  He adores his little Charlie boy and embraces the challenges we face as his parents.


Charlie lacks no love or care at home.  This was a picture taken just after Savannah had bathed him.  He promptly snuggled up in her arms and took a good nap in his lion blanket.  Savannah said that her favorite part of Charlie’s care is bathing him and dressing him.


Personally, I LOVE being in my home with all my sweeties together.  Life is full and we are developing a new normal, but we are grateful to be together again.image

Enid and grandma are enjoying some of God’s creation by smelling the bright purple flowers that are in bloom.  This was at a deaf dog show that was performed with the intent of encouraging people to look at people with disabilities through a lens of seeing what they CAN do and not what they cannot do.  It was very sweet and encouraging in the context of our little Charlie boy.  God has great purpose and intention with Charlie’s life.  This journey has been hard, stretching, faith-building, and taken us way beyond what we ever thought was even possible in our lives…it will be a joy to continually mine the treasures out of this journey.

Genesis 50:20   You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Since coming home, we have landed back at Children’s.  Thankfully just for a short stay…more in next post.

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