HIS Goodness and Mercy


I will remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord… Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take Heart!

Ps. 27:13-14


Wow! In some ways it seems like years since we began this journey, but in other ways, only a blur. To think that our little man is finally home and the long hospital stay is finally over…..the only words that can come in explanation are, “Wow, that was totally the Lord!…He sustained and kept us. HE was so good, gracious and merciful to us during that time.”

The funny thing is, though we may talk about this journey in a past tense, we are still on it.  At the end of every hard hike usually comes a gratification by the AWEsome views. Even so, we have only just climbed a “high peak” in our walk and are now experiencing a breathtaking reward…well worth the hike might I add 😉  The Lord continues to sanctify and work in us, even with Charlie home…which is wonderful! We are still on the same journey, but the Lord has and continues to answer many prayers on Charlie’s behalf.


Now that we are all back together again, there is a new business and atmosphere in our home. One filled with  more Joy, Peace, Diligence, Dependence on the Lord, quality family/sibling time and much more. Not to say these things were lacking before, but they have been tried and tested and purified to a new level… “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within [us], will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Phil 1:6

Charlie is developing mental and physical skills rapidly (taking a strong major in the cuteness arena). He loves to roll over and hold his head up; He reaches for us when we go to pick him up; He enjoys discovering new toys, textures, and scenery; He can support his own neck and back very well. There is nothing quite like sleeping with this little guy in your arms…he is so precious.

As we settle Charlie in and return to life as a family once again, we are putting our focus to the start of another exciting school year (I am sure many of you relate)…while still soaking up the last few weeks of the warm summer outdoors. 🙂  

More to come… Savannah Dale


4 thoughts on “HIS Goodness and Mercy

  1. Oh my goodness! All those pictures are too precious for words along with your faithful story. God Bles You All and thanks for sharing. We’ve been wondering how things were going


  2. Such a sweet blessingn to see Charlie being nurtured at home in the midst of so much love and TLC. Thanks for sharing the gorgiouse pictures. Keep up the good work!!


  3. Debbie, Bob, and All, It is wonderful to get an update on life at home now with Charlie there…I read this great commentary several times. Savannah is such an effective writer–I know at least in part this comes from Mom : )) It is great to read about how the Lord is working among you as you care for Charlie and as he brings you blessings and joy too. We are shoulder deep in boxes as we move to Timnath on Tuesday. We closed there yesterday. Our house is still for sale…the buyer backed out about a week before closing (it turns out he had done same to a number of other sellers). So our house is back on the market September 1, staged–hoping we can sell soon. Debbie, thanks so much for the church recommendations. I will be checking them out. Love, Susan


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