The Joy of the Lord be our strength…

As you might guess, we have been experiencing a fullness of life in our home in the last 3 months. God has been so faithful to us and am so thankful for His ever present help and friendship. We have been blessed to have several ladies coming every week to help charlie with Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy. They are wonderful and are blessings to our little man.

Charlie seems to mold right into our schedule as we started school up again, though he keeps us on our toes 🙂 Opportunity 101 for die-ing to our self and completely surrendering to Christ is always present, and so good.  I will admit that tubes, needles, gauze, syringes, meds and the like are not my cup of tea when it comes to a baby. But I have to choose daily to lay down my self desires and serve Charlie…and he does make it a joy! img_6305

We have had a couple warm days, but with the start of fall came the chilly mornings, vibrant colors, Golden sunsets and of course … warm apple cider, chai tea, soups and pumpkins. We were so blessed to take drive on a  Sunday afternoon up to Dillon in the mountains. The Colors and scenery were breathtaking! We Walked around Dillon lake with Charlie in the Jogger.  The little ones loved throwing showers of golden leaves in the air, surveying the grandeur of the lake, and taking in the mountain air.


Charlie has been growing every day. He is making little bits of progress at a time. As he grows he is becoming a little more adventurous and energetic. We are feeding him solids during meals as often as we can. It is a process stimulating and training his mouth to chew and especially swallow the baby food he is getting. Sometimes it just feels like we are feeding a waterfall (food runs out of his mouth 🙂 but with continual persistence and perseverance we can get somewhere…He is getting better at it 😉 He also seems pretty close to sitting up on his own which will be very exciting for him. He is finding a little more stability in  holding his head and back up…he sure is working all his muscles.


Charlie loves to laugh, which is not hard to accomplish 😀 Though we can’t here him due to the trach, we can tell. These wonderful moments with him make all of the hard work so worth it. He is a gem and will be for the rest of his life I know.


Charlie loves a good cuddle, which I hope never goes away! I have found a way to sneak him into bed with me on nights I stay with him (THE BEST!)img_2227

Guys…this math/biology tutor is amazing!

img_4571          1010161153


These two cuties are helping prepare some soups for the hunting trip that a few of our family members are about to embark on. (Naomi was a little cautious about sauteing onions.)


We are so thankful for all of you who have prayed, and served our family through the past year! Mom and I were just looking back at all of the love that was poured out by family friends, anonymous people, and the body of Christ in parts around the world, and we awe. God was so good and we are so thankful for the body of Christ. I hope that Charlie will one day get to meet you!

We would appreciate continued prayers for:

-Weaning “TPN” feeds and moving to %100 solids

-Continued strength and growth for Charlie

-Continued healing of digestion (we have improved a little bit)

-And that the joy of the Lord would be our daily strength

May the Lord bless you this fall!

Love, Savannah

5 thoughts on “The Joy of the Lord be our strength…

  1. We have anxiously awaited this report,Savanah you are quite a writer! And maybe that comes naturally with such an amazing family. We are just in awe of all of you. We will continue to pray. And thank you for sharing your life with us. God Bless and be with you all. Squeeze Charlie’s cheeks for me please…
    Barb and Rusty

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  2. We just love you all so much and continue to pray. We get to see some of you at the end of this month and we are excited!!!!🙋🏼 Hugs and kisses and we hope Naomie finds her front teeth soon.😍

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  3. Oh my goodness how that boy is such a blessing from God. Charlie has come soooo far. And his wonderful family trusting in the Lord…how could anyone not believe. We have such an awesome God. So glad to see this wonderful report and all the pictures. Love Charlie’s smiles and laughs. I work with a lady who is dealing with breast cancer and she loves the reports on Charlie. One day she said to me “I love Charlie”…. She had both breasts removed and has not started her radiation or chemo.
    I would love for you to pray for her. Her name is Vickie. She lost her 18 yr. old son 2 1/2 years ago after having a transplant. Their only child. She is so happy for Charlie and all of you and prays for all of you. We continue to pray for you also and our church does too. So looking forward to seeing that sweet guy one day.
    Love all of you, Uncle Brian & Aunt Claire

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  4. Your family togetherness is an inspiring story. To use your words and how I will remember Charlie always are these words: The Joy of the Lord is our daily strength!

    Thank you for sharing your life. Gods blessing to you all. Jean Peres


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