This morning, at 72 hours Charlie’s blood cultures were (and still are) negative! Praise God!  Charlie will go to the IR (Interventional Radiology) at 12:30 today to get his short IV line made longer and put all the way to his heart.  If all goes well we will be discharged early this afternoon, hopefully right after the surgery.    Thank you for all your prayers and love for our little Lion!  He looks great and is requiring very minimal oxygen

It has been a blessing to see some of our old NICU friends today.  There is one family with a DS boy named Charlie, and his mom’s name is Debbie, its a fun similarity.   Another little DS girl we know just went down for surgery to get an Ostomy and a few other things, she has a very sweet mom and dad that love her so much.  We also saw a close (NICU) friend who’s one year old was sick. We love reuniting with these friends, it its fun to see how far they have come, and how much they have grown!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Charlie’s gut to heal and absorb nutrients well so we can move towards removing this central line.








One thought on “HOME!

  1. Praying for Charlie. I’ve just been inspired to ask you if you’ve consulted with any naturalpath dn. Or nutritionist? As the gut healing has everything to do with healing the whole body and I believe you can heal almost anything with proper nutrients especially after so many drugs?
    I’m quite sure you must
    Have tried everything


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