Resting in Hope


Dear Ones,
With much prayer. With much love. With much faith. With much hope. With much joy and many tears. With great expectation. With great anticipation. We will be bringing Charlie home next week challenging his gut to nourish his body. With his line no longer being a good source of nourishment, we are asking God to resurrect Charlie’s body as we step forward and hope that his belly is capable of nourishing his sweet little frame. The doctors are not super optimistic but are helping us design the best plan to give Charlie the best possibility of being able to thrive by nourishing him through his belly. In order to execute this plan at home we will be set up with everything we need to give Charlie the very best shot at this. Charlie is feeling much better after beginning the correct anti-fungal drug to kill the fungus. He is playing in his bed throwing his toy balls around right now. Savannah will play with him today at the hospital so I can get some much needed rest at home.

The right direction for Charlie is crystal clear. My flesh is weak, but my Jesus is strong. Please pray for us as we step forward each day, each moment, each decision. Please pray that we would have strength, hope, courage, and lots of love as we press forward.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26

(Charlie has an Instagram account that will be updated more frequently if you would like more regular updates and prayer needs:  lionhearted_charlie  Рthough we will try to keep the blog up to date as well.)


One thought on “Resting in Hope

  1. GOD OS GOOD THIS IS ANOTHER LEAP OF FAITH.. isn’t it? WE WILL PRAY IN FAITH. For proper healing . He looks so healthy. May he be so. I PRAY YOU GET MUCH NEEDED REST . GOD BLESS


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