He ran to Jesus… Come and Celebrate!





Charlie is home with Jesus and free! 

Our family has been honored and blessed by the love, prayers, care, and support poured in from each and every one of you! We are so grateful to have walked this beautiful journey with Charlie, and we will miss him much. But we are so excited that he gets to worship his KING where meds, tubes, and pain do not exist! What a glorious place! Charlie was courageous and peaceful and fought like a true warrior to the end.

We would love to have you come celebrate our sweet Lion-heart with us Tuesday, March 21st at 3:00pm ~ Reformation Church of Elizabeth (489 Rocky Cliff Cir. Elizabeth CO, 80107) We are working to set up livestream for those of you from afar, so stay tuned for details.

3 thoughts on “He ran to Jesus… Come and Celebrate!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Charlies life and struggles all these months. Its been a wonderful faith promoting experience for us. The sadness and Joy at this time I cant imagine. Love you all. God Bless


  2. Thank you for sharing the opportunity for those of us who are far away. We love you all: we grieve and rejoice with you.


  3. Wow Debbie, I am so sorry….i was just thinking about you alot lately. Praying for you all as you walk yet another journey….His grace truly is sufficient! Live on Charlie! Debbie, your faith and joy through it all inspires us…Thank you for sharing your life with us. May the Shalom of God surround you….


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